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Introducing Hemingway, our most capable AI model yet

We’d like to introduce you to our new AI model, Hemingway.

Hemingway is our most capable AI model when it comes to writing blog content. It’s able to produce blog content in the correct format, with high quality content right off the bat – a far leap from our existing Davinci model.

What the community is saying

How does it work?

We’ve trained our AI with hundreds of different high quality blog articles. This allows the AI to output content with a more traditional blog post structure while improving the quality of the content.

Take a look for yourself 👇🏼

How can I use Hemingway?

Head over to the Long Form Editor, and select the “Advanced Options” tab. Select “Hemingway” as your AI model. You’ll notice that Hemingway consumes two times more credits than the normal AI models.

What other AI models exist on ContentBot?

The below table illustrates the current AI models that are available on

For more information on all our AI models, please read this page.

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