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How to grow your startup with AI

As a founder, it’s difficult to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape. However, these changes offer new opportunities that can help you grow your startup. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of these changing technologies. It’s been predicted that AI will have as much of an impact over the next ten years as electricity had on the world over the past 100 years. As a result, the way we think about work, business and strategy is being turned on its head. AI is capable of delivering immediate efficiency gains, providing valuable insights to help with decision-making and challenging the status quo.

How AI empowers startups and founders

AI can act as a super consultant, assistant and strategist to assist startups in their journey to successful entrepreneurship. AI can play a significant role in:

– Ideation: The use of AI to give perspective to startup ideas and help determine market viability, future growth potential, and product direction through the creation of different content types.

– Launch: Helps startups, and founders in general, articulate their concept with customers through automated channels, whether it’s through content in the form of landing pages, online articles and micro-sites, email marketing content, social media content, or mobile text messaging and push notifications.

– Growth: Growth is a key component of any startup’s success. AI can act as an essential tool to help accelerate the growth process by providing key insights to support marketing campaigns and focusing on both current and future engagements by helping provide marketplace traction and multiple touchpoints with the startup’s current and prospective customer base for maximum exposure. 

AI Content Marketing

AI is already empowering startups and founders with content creation. As a result, startups and founders no longer need to hire content marketers at the early stage of their startup when capital is dwindling as they try to find product-market fit. Instead, founders can now use AI Content platforms to do the bulk of the content marketing work. That, coupled with their expertise of the market can make for a formidable approach to generating high-quality content at scale. This is a huge step away from the standard methods of founders trying to identify blog post ideas and come up with content on a regular basis in order to move the needle.

Additional benefits of AI

AI is not only helping founders come up with new content and marketing ideas, but AI is also helping in many other aspects. 

AI can help with:



– Finance

– Hiring

– Website building

– and a lot more

AI Still Needs People

Just as the quill was replaced by the pen, the pen by the typewriter and the typewriter by the computer, AI will increase the efficiency of those that use it. You see, the pen, typewriter and computer never replaced the person using the object, it only assisted the person to work at a quicker pace. AI is no different.

AI is still a long way off from being able to self-manage its learning and abilities. For the foreseeable future, AI will require people to help it grow, and in making our live’s easier so we can focus on other aspects of growing our startups.

A new series of how AI can help grow your startup

Over the next few weeks, we will focus our attention on helping you grow your startup with the help of AI.

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