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ContentBot reaches 77k users!

The last 22 months have been a wild ride. When we introduced ContentBot as an AI Content WordPress plugin back in January 2021, we had no idea how exciting and eventful this journey would be. We’re loving every step of the way!

This week we reached 77 777 user accounts on ContentBot. We consider this a massive milestone and confirmation that we are heading the right direction.

Let’s take a look at some of our major milestones over the last year:

Some interesting stats:

  • ContentBot is currently very close to $14k MRR
  • We’ve generated over 430 000 000 words for marketers and founders
  • Over 2 000 000 requests have been run through our content platform

What’s next for ContentBot?

Be prepared for some more exciting announcements in the next coming week. We’re creating a new and innovative way for you to write blog posts. We’re also integrating with a few media providers so you can add images to your posts quickly and easily.

Further to that, we are just about to launch version 6 of our Blog Post Automation Tool which will come with a variety of powerful new features. Version 6 of the Blog Post Automation Tool will also include higher quality content and content structure.

There’s a few other features that we are working on that we’d rather keep private for now and announce them when we’re ready. Watch this space!

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