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LianLian Global Acquires Minority Stake In

We’re excited to announce that international cross-border payment provider LianLian Global has acquired a minority stake in

Over the last few months, we’ve had detailed discussions and brain-storming sessions with LianLian global on how AI can best address the needs of eCommerce sellers that are looking to sell their products across borders. We’ve identified that using AI to facilitate content creation and translation for vital marketing material such as product descriptions, ads, intros (and more) is perfect for eCommerce providers to sell in a language that is foreign to them. Using AI to augment their content creation needs for cross-border selling not only helps these entrepreneurs look more professional, but also helps them create highly engaging content that increases revenue.

What does this mean for the future of ContentBot?

ContentBot will continue to expand its product offering with a focus on generating high quality content to augment the writing process for both content marketers and founders. The injection of cash will allow us to recruit new exceptional team members and expand our marketing efforts.

As AI writers become more prevalent and users see the true value of how AI can augment their output, ContentBot will continue to be the innovative force behind the industry.

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