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AI Content Marketing – A Future Role

Updated: 30 June 2021

Creating high quality content on a continual basis is a demanding job. Content marketers are always researching and looking for inspiration around every turn. They need to be aware of the latest trends and be the first to know about the latest in the field of content marketing. There’s no doubt that every organization can benefit from having an expert content marketing team but equipping your team with the latest tools can really speed up their output and improve their quality.

This is where AI can benefit small to medium sized businesses (as well as founders). Content ideation and creation using AI sources such as ContentBot have proved to be an effective way of increasing content output while maintaining a high level of quality. Tools like this can really help content marketers by allowing them to focus on their core job of writing, editing and tweaking and allow the AI to carry out all the ideation steps.

How do AI content generators work?

AI content generators use a model called GPT to create human-like text which it sources from billions of words stored in its “brain”. Having such a big data set at its disposal, the AI can generate unique content for nearly any topic and niche. As this technology progresses, tools like ContentBot will adapt and include newer sources of information ensuring that it’s dataset is always up-to-date. In the near future, clients will be able to request that the AI cater to their own niche in order to improve the output quality of the tools.

ContentBot – AI Content Generator

Will AI take over my job?

The likelihood of AI taking over a content marketers’ job isn’t likely any time soon. But, as the AI revolution is only going to get larger and more powerful, the content marketer’s role could grow to become something different and more streamlined. Content generated by an AI model will almost always require human touch or judgment (as well as fact checking). And while there is no denying that AI will change content marketing, there is also no denying the reality that it is likely to impact the role in a big way.

  • ~30% of this article was written by ContentBot
  • ~35% was written through being inspired by some of the unused output from ContentBot which provided direction
  • ~35% was written from my own creative processes and experience.
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