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ContentBot is Continually Evolving!

ContentBot is continually evolving! Plans are constantly afoot to ensure that ContentBot is even more attractive and useful to you, our users. Some new tools, features and content blocks have been added as we strive to make ContentBot the face of AI content generation in 2021.

A “Fresh Content” Feature

This feature appears in the “Blog Topic Ideas” content block and draws up-to-date content from the internet. This ensures that you have the most current content results at your disposal. Fresh content is particularly handy when generating current events, public figures and sports teams etc. If you’re searching for historical facts and more evergreen content, remember to uncheck the “Increase Freshness” block for the most relevant results. Remember to be as specific as possible with your searches for the best returns.

Saved Output

Click on the new History tab to reveal a list of your previously-generated results, which list from the most recent down. By clicking the heart icon you can save any of these results to your “Favourites” for easier future access.

Favoured Output

You can now save any generated result to your Favourites by clicking the heart icon on the result, or by clicking the History tab and doing the same from there. Once clicked, a result appears in your Favourites which is easily accessed by clicking the Favourites tab.

A Sentence Rewriter

The Sentence Rewriter is a new tool enabling you to change an existing sentence into one that may read better in a different style or form. Generated results also suggest additional ideas to enhance your sentence. Simply enter your original sentence, select your tone and generate your content.

Reading Ease Scores

Reading ease scores appear above each rewritten sentence generated by the Sentence Rewriter. The higher the score, the easier the read. 

Word Count for Long Form Copy

Appearing above each result in the Sentence Rewriter you’ll find word count total for that specific result. This is a useful feature for any longer generated output.  

ContentBot’s Future Additions

ContentBot is working on the release of an email generator and a plagiarism checker, further news of which will be announced soon. These are just examples of the new features that are currently in development. Remember that your input and feedback is invaluable to us, to assist ContentBot in developing into a tool that makes all of your projects that little bit easier! 

These new features and all other existing ones are available to our Free Trial users. Usage restrictions exist though so if you’d prefer to make the most of all of our features and our future ones as well, consider upgrading to our Premium package available at, as ContentBot is continually evolving!

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