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ContentBot Product Updates

ContentBot has recently updated the functionality of our product as follows:-

Rate Limiting

In order to reduce potential abuse on our system and for our service providers, ContentBot has introduced rate limiting for all users across the board.

From this point on, the following rate limitations apply:

  • 9 content generations per minute, or
  • 45 content generations per hour

At ContentBot we are adamant that our tool only be used for helping content creators with their jobs, and not to potentially affect the industry negatively.

Content Filter

ContentBot has significantly improved our content filter in order to filter out more unsafe content. From now on, false positive reports should decrease substantially, meaning that you will receive far less *censored/removed* items included in your output.

History Deletion

Per user request, ContentBot has enabled the deletion of History items. By navigating to the “History” (or “Favourites”) page, you can now delete any chosen items in your generation history by simply clicking on the trash icon alongside the item of your choice.

Fair Usage Policy

As part of ContentBot’s ongoing efforts to ensure the responsible use of AI, we have implemented a Fair Usage Policy, dated 31 March 2021. Please take the time to familiarise yourselves with the same.

Queries or Suggestions

Should you have any other queries or suggestions regarding ContentBot’s functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the website chat button or contact form.

Happy creating!

Warren Potter

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