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The Most Important Aspects of Successful Copywriting

The most important aspects of successful copywriting when beginning any new project are:-

  1. Research and clarify your audience thoroughly.
  2. Identify the benefits of the product or service that you are promoting and the key messages you want to relay.
  3. Chart a strategy to approach the subject.

1. Clarify and Research Your Audience

There’s always a need for you to research your audience thoroughly which can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes the most effective way to find inspiration before the lengthy research process is to stop working and take time to think about who your audience will be. Consider their wants, needs, problems and desires. Identify their demographics. Make some personal perspective notes and amend these accordingly while doing your actual research and analysis. Once you feel that you have a clearer grasp of your audience’s livelihoods, interests and situations, you’ll be in a much better position to generate copy for your project.

2. Identify Benefits and Key Messages

Taking the time to list the benefits that your audience will enjoy from the your product or service. Based on these, a number of key messages will become apparent and you should base your copy around these. Use your persuasive writing skills to highlight these benefits in your messages so that your audience has no doubts why they should be trying your product or service.

Test multiple headlines as a headline can either make or break a conversion. Research keywords relevant to your project, competition and audience persona thoroughly before beginning to craft headlines. Remember that your headline will be your first key message and hence, potentially the most important. As such, it may make sense to choose your best headline after completing the rest of the copy. In this way you can get a clearer reflection of which headline gels best with the rest of the content.

3. Chart Your Strategy

Once you’ve completed the initial planning of your content, plan what you’re going to do with it. Remember that when you plan a content strategy you want to take into account the knowledge you have already gained about your audience and find the best ways to present the benefits of your product or service by using the key messages that you have researched and identified. Take into account the four P’s of Marketing:-

  • Product: What you’re selling, whether it be a physical product or a service.
  • Price: How much you plan to charge and how that will impact your audience, as you will draw a customer base from them.
  • Place (or Platform): The places where you decide to promote your product need to generate the audience that will buy from you.
  • Promotion: How exactly you go about promoting your product – the strategies you use and their effectiveness.

All of the above need to suit the content you’ve generated or will still generate and, obviously, the content needs to suit them. Being able to knit all of these together will show why they are the most important aspects of copywriting, and content management.

Warren Potter