Will Google Penalize AI Content? A Quick Summary

Will Google Penalize AI Content? A Quick Summary.

Artificial intelligence has long been something that has both excited and scared humans for a multitude of reasons. The latest addition to AI’s arsenal of skills is the ability for computers to now generate coherent text about nearly any subject. 

When OpenAI launched GPT-3, we already knew that GPT-2 content could rank. GPT-3 has a significantly higher chance of ranking due to the overall improvement of the quality of content from the new engine. GPT-3’s dataset is around 10% of the entire internet at 2019 – a significant portion of data. This helps GPT-3 write high quality content for most subjects.

What does Google Think of AI content?

Google’s mission has always been to provide the user with the best and most meaningful experience through their search platform. What this means, is that Google will ensure that they consistently evolve to a higher standard as and when new technology becomes available. This is a good thing.

Google has already developed their own AI content generator called the Generalist Language Model or “GLaM”. GLaM has a 1 trillion parameter model whereas OpenAI’s GPT-3 only has a 175 billion parameter model. What does this mean? Well, we don’t know and can only speculate but the fact of the matter is that AI content is going to get more powerful and efficient as companies compete for the market.

Will Google Penalize AI Content?

According to Google’s automatically generated content policy, Google is, and always has been, against content that is spammy and creates a poor user experience. Google is amazing at picking up whether content is high or low quality. AI can write both amazingly and poorly, depending on the subject you give it. Therefore, the answer is both YES and NO.


Yes, Google will penalize AI content if you simply copy and paste non-sensical AI written content that adds no value to the user. Sometimes the AI creates content that simply doesnt make sense – it’s your job to edit the content and ensure your tone, facts and grammar are correct before posting to your blog or site.


No, Google will not penalize AI content if you ensure it adds value to your user. Most of the time, content generated from AI writers will need to be tweaked and fact-checked. If you’re doing this while writing your article, you’ll be perfectly fine.

At the end of the day, ask yourself one thing – will this content add value to the world? If yes, your content will not be penalized.

Will Google Automatically Detect AI Content?

Google doesnt need sophisticated AI software to detect if content is providing value to users or not. Google tracks other stats such as bounce rates and time on page (amongst many others) to deduce whether or not an article is providing value. If you’re planning on getting an AI writer to write you 1000’s of articles without checking any of them, your blog most likely be pushed lower in the SERPS after a few weeks.

Put Ethics First

At ContentBot, we’re big on the ethical use of AI for founders, marketers and copywriters. At the footer of our web app, we include “ContentBot is committed to the responsible use of AI with a cornerstone of ethical principles that put people first” just to hit home how much we care about this very topic.

You too should be ensuring that ethics and morals sit at the core of your business. Using AI to “spin” up articles for you without any human intervention will result in disaster.


Ensure that your AI generated content is fact-checked, grammatically correct and in the tone your readers are used to. Doing this will avoid any future issues. Just as the pen is an instrument to help writers create content, so to are AI tools. Use it correctly and you’ll be increasing your efficiency.

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