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10 Ways to Upscale your Content Production with AI Automation

As many of us have noticed, the digital landscape is constantly (and rapidly) evolving. As the demand for content increases, it challenges content producers to keep up with the incredibly fast paced environment. With so much content being produced every day, we need to find ways to streamline this process and cut down on time and effort where possible. In comes AI automation. 

AI automation has the potential to revolutionize content production by improving efficiency and quality, while still reducing costs. Machine learning and natural language processing technology can help content producers create, edit, and distribute content more effectively. These tools can help to analyze data and identify trends in audience behavior, helping content producers tailor their content to their audience’s preferences and make accurate predictions for the future. They can complete time-consuming repetitive tasks, automate marketing and help create harmony between customer and campaign management.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the ways in which AI automation can be used to upscale your content production. We’ll also dive deeper into the technology behind these impressive tools and discuss why ethics needs to play a role in its use. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a content marketer, or a content creator, we’ll show you how AI automation can help you to create more engaging, targeted, and personalized content that resonates with your audience.

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What is AI automation?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the term used to describe machines that have been taught to perform tasks that would otherwise be completed by a human. They make use of technologies like deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze, understand and interpret human text and speech in order to generate a suitable output. 

AI has come a long way since its early development. It is capable of processing large amounts of data in a fraction of the time that it would take a human, and uses its findings to draw appropriate conclusions. This data is what helps the AI to imitate humans in its responses and reasoning. The use of chatbots has seen a drastic increase in recent years as well, with insights pointing towards even further integrations down the line. 

Automation is when a machine has been programmed to follow a set of instructions or workflows that were set in place by humans to complete simple, repetitive tasks. These processes need to be manually put in place and supervised by people in order to generate the best results. 

If we dig a little deeper, we can talk about generative AI automation. This type of automation means that the machine is capable of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It can learn from its “experiences” and make adjustments going forward, so it improves its own performance as time goes on. 

Now that we’ve gained a better understanding of the technology and how it works, we can take a closer look at the 10 ways to upscale your content production with AI automation.

10 Ways to Upscale your Content Production with AI Automation

Idea generation

Creating effective, relevant, unique and valuable content is at the heart of every business with an online presence. The more content you produce, the more keywords your platform will rank for, leading to an increase in traffic and potential customers. That being said, it’s definitely no easy task. Creativity is not constant, and the vast amount of competition for the viewer’s attention adds to the challenge. 

Luckily, platforms like ContentBot have been created to make the content production process more efficient and less time consuming. These tools help content marketers and creators generate new and unique content with minimal effort. You can generate everything from startup ideas, including brand names and slogans, to talking points, video ideas, marketing and more. This streamlines the content production process by eliminating the need to spend hours coming up with creative ideas by giving you a place to start.


Artificial intelligence has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last few years. One of the most impressive and more recent developments is its ability to write simple code. It can even fix errors in existing code. There have been discussions about whether or not AI will replace the need for software developers. However, this speculation doesn’t have a firm leg to stand on.

AI can now be taught to use algorithms in order to decipher code. This is a game changer for those of us who don’t know the first thing about the skill, but still need a few minor details added to websites or programs. While this technology may sound advanced and a bit intimidating, it’s important to note that its abilities are limited at this point in time. Software developers are still needed to perform more complicated adjustments and duties… for now.


Before content creation can begin, extensive research has to take place. If you had to place your content out there for the world to see without doing the appropriate research, chances are, hardly anyone would be able to find it. Research should be the foundation of all content that gets produced. It’s the only way to make sure that what you are generating is relevant to the reader and actually provides value.

Research involves many different factors. You need to take a look at your target audience; at who they are, what questions they’re asking, what their buying behavior is, to name a few. You also need to conduct keyword research to ensure that your content has the highest chance of showing up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The initial research that goes into content production is often overlooked and underestimated by those involved. This unfortunately has a very negative impact on their website traffic. Adequate research is the key to effective, high quality content. 


Many larger companies are interested in expanding their reach into new markets across the world, but one thing stands in their way: the language barrier. 

Rather than spending large amounts of money on the salaries of human translators, businesses tend to overlook the benefits of using AI to perform the same tasks. It’s more affordable, easily managed, fast and effective. Many AI writers are capable of translating large amounts of text into a wide variety of languages, making new market penetration that much simpler.

Long-form content 

Long-form content includes anything along the lines of guides, how to’s and blog posts. They are longer, informative pieces of content that provide additional value to its reader. There are many people out there who want to have a successful blog on their website, but lack long-form writing skills or that specific type of creativity. That doesn’t have to mean that they can’t be amazing bloggers or have sites that provide high quality content. The value that blogs provide is often underestimated, as many people aren’t aware that having one on your site could increase your traffic by up to 55%.

There are many AI automation tools that assist their users with long-form content production. Take ContentBot as an example. They have certain tools that are specifically tailored to the generation of blog posts. These include:

  • Blog Bundles: Create up to 50 blog posts in one go
  • Blog Shot: Create 500 to 8000 word blog posts, inclusive of certain keywords
  • Blog Post Wizard: Use a wizard to create a blog post quickly and easily
  • Automation: Create blog posts at regular intervals and get them emailed to you
  • The list goes on…

These tools can be incredibly useful, whether you want to try your hand at blogging or have been doing it for years. Sometimes the creativity well runs dry and you need help getting an idea off the ground. With so many prompts for blog posts out there, you could access high quality content with the push of a button.

Proofreading and paraphrasing

Did you know that an ad with typos can result in a decrease of up to 70% in clicks? That’s just one reason why proofreading is so important.

Proofreading, as we all know, can be a very time consuming and tedious process. While we’ve heard that it’s best to proofread your content the next day with a fresh set of eyes, what if you didn’t have to double check your work at all? What if a machine could do it for you? Well, it can!

AI proofreaders are designed to scan large pieces of text for any readability issues. If you’ve chosen wisely, the platform will even have a built in SEO scorer. This means that using these tools will help you ensure that you are providing high quality content to your readers. That goes for everything, from avoiding simple grammar mistakes to effectively optimizing your content for search engines. For those of us who lack the necessary skills to generate organic traffic through SEO trends, these tools could be just what you need to put your business on the map.

Images and videos

How crazy would it be if you could write the description of an image you’d like to see, and have that image materialize right in front of you? I know, it sounds a little far-fetched, but it’s entirely possible!

The recent advances in AI have been game changing for businesses involved in the design industry. They can now describe a fashion item that they would like to create, right down to the fabric and number of zippers, and see their ideas come to life without needing to lift a finger. For content creators on social media, the competition is fierce. There are currently over 37 million influencers on Instagram alone. The ability to generate countless video ideas and descriptions with just one click could have huge advantages for this booming industry.


Marketing automation is one of the most popular ways that people use AI today, and we can understand why. The ability to create custom workflows for the AI to follow appeals to many businesses. All it requires is for you to point the AI in a certain direction and supervise its performance. 

AI automation in marketing can take many different forms. There’s email marketing, SMS or mobile marketing and social media marketing, to name a few. Streamlining these processes frees up valuable time and resources that could be better spent on more strategic business practices. Eliminating the need for human effort when it comes to repetitive tasks can have a huge impact on a company’s return on investment (ROI). On average, marketing automation can already lead to a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% decrease in marketing overheads. 


We know, ChatGPT is a big deal. It’s all anyone is talking about lately. With just a few short prompts, people can ask the conversational chatbot a question, and it’ll answer. However, ChatGPT isn’t the only tool like this available. InstructBot, a tool developed by ContentBot, does the same thing, and to a certain degree, it does a better job of it. 

These chatbots are taking the world by storm. With the use of prompts, you can point the AI in a certain direction and receive informative responses in a matter of seconds. They are simple to use and offer quick solutions to many content related questions or requests. You can create entire blog posts, or generate a quick email campaign. One thing’s for sure, this new technology has sent the world into a spin about the potential and possibilities it holds for the future. 

For further reading, take a look at our article on ChatGPT vs ContentBot: Everything you need to know.


AI is capable of sifting through large amounts of data at a pace that humans could never achieve. It can analyze and interpret data in a way that allows us to use it to our advantage. We can use the information it gathers to draw conclusions regarding consumer buying behavior, as well as to make more accurate predictions for the future. 

These tools help us make informed decisions when it comes to our marketing efforts and target audiences. They show us whether or not our efforts have been successful, or if they need to be altered in a way that will generate favorable results. Data analytics has helped many businesses improve their ROI and use resources efficiently.

Using ContentBot + Zapier to create a host of automations 

ContentBot has recently teamed up with Zapier to create convenient and effective integrations for businesses and individuals. You can use these tools to complete a wide range of automations. That goes for everything from Mailchimp campaigns and Shopify blog entries, to Medium stories and WordPress posts, and the list doesn’t stop there.

ContentBot is your one-stop content automation shop, and with Zapier by its side, along with multiple integrations, it aims to make running your online business as efficient as possible. You will be able to manage every aspect of your business from a central location. And it’s available throughout your content creation and management process! The new Zapier integration is one of the best tools for you to receive high quality AI automations. 

The ethical use of AI automation

While the world of AI is constantly evolving and more and more people want to take advantage of its abilities, it’s important to note that using it does require ethical consideration. 

There have been cases where AI writers have been used to create essays for students, helping them to achieve grades that haven’t been earned through their own hard work. Developers are constantly on the lookout for ways to prevent the AI from producing harmful content, but it is a work-in-progress. Some content can be biased, factually incorrect and used by those who don’t have good intentions. 

With the new developments in AI images and videos, the industry has also seen a surge of deepfakes making their way into the light. While the content created using this technology has not appeared to cause direct harm as of yet, the potential for this to arise in the future is a problem that we are all too aware of. 

Please remember that the ethical use of AI should always play a role in your decision regarding whether or not to incorporate this technology into your everyday business operations, or into your daily life for whichever purpose you intend to use it. 

Take away…

When considering AI automation to upscale your content production, it’s important to consider all the possibilities and potential impact it could have on your business. Using AI in your content production process can have huge benefits, including cost savings, improved efficiency, better customer engagement and increased revenues. 

Implementing AI into your content strategy requires careful planning and consideration. The potential for AI automation is endless.  The technology is quickly making its way into so many different industries, with many more showing an interest and increasing their adoption of it each year. It can help you create engaging content that stands out from the crowd in an ever-competitive marketplace. With AI automation, upscaling your content production no longer has to be a challenge. 

AI content automation presents an exciting opportunity for businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition. By investing in AI automation and understanding the benefits, businesses will be able to see an increase in their returns in no time. Taking advantage of this technology can provide you with a variety of innovative ways to produce great content quickly and effectively.

Whether you are new to the content world or have been at it for years, the world of content marketing and creation is ever changing and evolving. It’s more important than ever to keep up with the times and stay ahead of the curve if you want to stay relevant. Using AI automation gets the ball rolling for idea generation, helps create unique and effective marketing strategies and improves the overall quality of the content that you produce. 

Have you considered using AI automation to upscale your content production? Let us know in the comments section!

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