Twitter Insights: 22 Tips That Will Help You to Tweet More Effectively

Twitter Insights: 22 Tips That Will Help You to Tweet More Effectively

With over 350 million daily users, Twitter has become a marketing haven for businesses worldwide. Productive insights into this marketing art form can really assist in creating success. Here are 22 tips that will help you to tweet more effectively:-

01. Use 100 Characters or Less

Statistics show that shorter tweets achieve more. Using 100 characters or less in your tweet encourages your followers to pause and read the tweet easily while scrolling.

02. Be Simple and Specific

Remember that shorter is better, so being to the point and using simpler language will encourage more likes and retweets amongst your followers.

03. Be Conversational

Tweet with your followers and not to them. Encouraging conversation will prompt responses and grow your tweets exposure. Be professional without being overly formal.

04. Encourage Action

Using more verbs and adverbs encourages action. Forget about glossing your tweet up with adjectives and nouns as this just lengthens it and negates its effectiveness.

05. Use Numbers and Statistics

The use of numbers and statistical data helps to engage your following.

06. Use Quotations

Quoting respected thought leaders adds validity and substance to your tweet.

07. Make Use of Different Media

Images, Videos or Gifs make your tweet more visually appealing and encourage retweets and likes. This can double your engagement as nearly all users respond more to visual content.

08. Use a Call to Action

Tell your followers what to do next without being pushy or presumptuous. Sometimes people need to be encouraged to take the next step so don’t always leave this to chance.

09. Request Retweets

Remember that nearly 80% of user engagement with a brand on Twitter is through retweets. Asking your followers to retweet will gain you a lot more exposure than not doing so – statistically up to 12 times more!

10. Make Use of Superlatives

Dynamic action words encourage further action. You want your followers to take action so don’t be afraid to assist them.

11. Use “How-to” Phrases and Sentences

Utilising “How to” or “Find out more” encourages your followers to take further action by clicking on links, hence raising your traffic figures.

12. Ask Questions

Remember that Twitter is a conversational forum. By asking questions you will be encouraging answers and communication with your followers, and hence more engagement and exposure.

13. Create Curiosity

A question is also designed to arouse curiosity. Being open-ended with statements encourages your followers to click on links to find out more. Humans are a curious species by nature, so use this to your advantage.

14. Make a Promise

Make a specific promise in your tweet. Let your followers know that you WILL help them to accomplish something if they take the next step.

15. Add a Little Humour

Twitter is a more young and vibrant platform than most other social media platforms. Once again, you want to encourage conversation and adding a touch of humour can do wonders for communication and, ultimately, your reach.

16. Use Emojis Creatively

Include emojis in your tweets. These are used every day in chats so keep this trend going in your tweets as another way of being promotional and conversational.

17. Try a Twitter Promotion

There are numerous ways to promote your product. Simply stipulating being followed and the retweet of the promotional tweet along with a review or comment on your website as entry to a competition can encourage brand growth. By requesting a tweeted code or coupon be quoted in order to gain a discounted sign-up price can encourage social conversions from followers and their followers.

18. Use Polls

Polls are a great way to encourage people to interact. Twitter has a recognised polling method but using the “like” if no and “retweet” if yes method allows even more scope for interaction.

19. Use Hashtags

With the use of relevant and specifically unique hashtags, you will remind followers about your brand. Make the hashtag easily readable by not putting too many words together. Statistically, using two hashtags is more beneficial than using any more, so consider your hashtag use carefully.

20. Tag Followers, Brands & Influencers

Tag recognisable brands and influencers in your tweet. A response from an aficionado can result in a huge boost to your tweet’s reach. Tagging specific followers can also encourage more interest.

21. Time Your Tweets

Timing on Twitter is imperative. B2B products gain the most exposure on weekday afternoons and early evenings while B2C products are statistically more successful on weekends, especially on Saturday mornings. Always remember to consider the time zone differences of your target audience before scheduling a tweet.

22. Tweet Often

Regular tweets tend to create more success for brands. A few tweets daily is statistically more successful than tweeting once a day or less. If you are tweeting links often, tweeting less is more beneficial so spacing out tweets that include links is more effective.


To sum up, you need to find out what works best for you and your brand. Understanding your audience and experimenting with these 22 tips that will help you to tweet more effectively by increasing your reach through likes and retweets, and encouraging more click-throughs.

Warren Potter

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