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How using Multilingual Marketing can Benefit Your Business

In this digital age, you can do worse than marketing your products and services in a number of languages.

Language Statistics and Business Exposure

Of the over 3 billion internet users worldwide, about a quarter are native English speakers. As such, you could lose out on nearly 225 million people not reading your blog or viewing your adverts because of language alone. Clearly this figure is inflated as many of those do understand English, but it is food for thought.

Marketing in various languages gives you business presence within markets not considered before. Extra audiences, based on even a percentage of the above figure, can be key in growing your business. You would need to adapt some content marketing and SEO but that, if done right, would be a small price to pay. Considering Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese are, with English, the top 5 internet languages, reaching speakers of even one more of these could double your current audience.

Visualmodo states that recent research shows that 72.4% of consumers prefer to purchase a product from a website using their own language. Also, 72.1% of consumers spend all of their time on sites in their own language, and 56.2% prefer to access information in their mother tongue. These figures alone suggest that that you can gain an advantage by using multilingual content.

The Personal Touch and Brand Image

Providing accurate content in a consumer’s own language tends to make a visitor feel that their culture is being appreciated and respected which, in turn, leads to feelings of being welcomed and considered. This will be even more evident if your competition hasn’t taken similar steps, translating into greater commercial opportunities.

From a brand viewpoint alone, you can enhance the image of your brand through multilingual content. It gives off an “international” aura, and an air of sophistication and professionalism. This can assist in helping your business to climb a few more rungs up the corporate ladder in a relatively short amount of time.


CODECABIN_ has developed ContentBot, a content generator that can generate content in just a few seconds using OpenAI’s powerful autoregressive language model, GPT-3. The newly-released v1.0.03 incorporates a solution that accurately generates content in a number of languages. The free version offers restricted credits, and the $29/month version offers 300 monthly credits (1800 pieces of original content), making ContentBot valuable for entrepreneurs, copywriters and others alike. It empowers you to utilise your creative talents more freely to expand upon already-humanlike leads and ideas generated by AI technology.

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