Is AI the Future of Copywriting?

With the advent of OpenAI, the growing question in copywriting and marketing circles is whether or not the human writer, copywriter, or even journalist, faces the prospect of becoming obsolete; replaced by the same AI that their words and creativity assisted in bringing forth?

In my view, there is no need to be alarmed. It is the opinion of this writer that the current leaning towards AI technology in the field of writing should be viewed from a “glass half full” perspective. ContentBot is not going to be rebelling against its “masters” and overthrowing the human workplace any time soon, but it’s most certainly going to start making many of our jobs that little bit easier, and probably a lot easier in the future!

With content generators becoming more prevalent in business and in a myriad of other sectors, the challenge for writers is no longer to simply get better – a good writer will always be a good writer – but to be able to embrace the technologies placed in front of them in order to become more productive using the latest tools at their disposal. The trick now is to identify the tool that will make your job that much quicker and simpler to do.

A content generator such as ContentBot will take  a few inputs and provide you with amazing content tips and ideas. You can generate blog topic ideas, blog intros, product descriptions, website headlines and even marketing ideas with tools like these. 

In the modern world, content generators are key to business success. By harnessing the power of a content generator, businesses can create content that goes beyond their typically generic, bland content. Creating thoughtful growth and customer retention plans can increase customers’ loyalty and engagement.

(For transparency’s sake, the above paragraph was created solely by ContentBot, purely by the writer inserting “Blog Topic Ideas” as the copy type, and “Using content generators” as a short description. ContentBot did the rest in a couple of seconds.) Blog Topic Suggestions
Example of ContentBot‘s Dashboard.

I believe that it is clear to see why there is a growing demand in business and blogging for AI products like ContentBot. Human knowledge and expertise is required to provide the groundwork for the generation of results, with ContentBot’s algorithms minimising a multitude of work and deadline-related pressures that the user previously had to endure alone.

Instead of feeling threatened by technology, it is the right time to embrace it and walk “hand-in-hand” with it towards a brighter and more productive tomorrow.

Warren Potter