With the advent of AI, what does the Future of Content Creation hold?

The Future of Content Creation

Updated: 20 June 2021

Content creation is the process of building something, whether it be an article, a blog, a social media page or a podcast broadcast. The term content creation has its roots entrenched in copywriting and marketing, with the creators of content possessing the ability to string copy for words and ideas together. This makes sure that finished products and services are more appealing to end users. With current trends moving towards using AI for content generation, questions are being asked about what the future of content creation holds for those who earn their livings creating content.

Content creators are now wondering how long it will be before they get replaced by computerised entities that do their jobs in half the time, with a smaller margin for error. Without the skills of Nostradamus, nobody can predict what might happen in future but mention of a few of the features that AI content generators currently provide may paint a clearer picture.

Two Services Provided by AI Content Products

What does the future of content creation hold for those who earn their livings creating content?
The team at Open AI.

After reading the above, copywriting professionals might become slightly concerned, although these fears are currently unwarranted. Even the most powerful content creation tools require operation through human effort and fully automated generation is practically impossible. In order to generate a response from a generator, input from another source is always required.


While the future of content creation might remain unclear, I believe that it lies solely within the human mind. The creativity, emotions and passion that we, as humans, display is unique, and is likely to remain so. It may be worth checking the futures of content generation and writing topic ideas with products like ContentBot though.

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