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13 Copywriting Podcasts to Follow in 2021

As copywriters we write a lot! At times it’s great to be able to leave the keyboard alone for a while in order to settle back and rest our fingers and eyes a little. Keeping up with the latest tips and tricks, or industry trends, for a while using another of our senses can make a world of difference to our creativity and, ultimately, our productivity levels as well. Here are 13 copywriting podcasts to follow in 2021, which we trust will assist in doing just that!

01. High-Income Business Writing

Ed Gandia was a software salesman who began writing his own copy in 2001. By 2004 he was moonlighting as a freelance copywriter and has since co-written the reputable small business book “The Wealthy Freelancer” and created a coaching business to help ambitious writers and copywriters earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients. Ed’s podcast, “High-Income Business Writing” now features a massive 261 episodes dealing with everything involving freelance business copywriting, and featuring numerous expert interviews.

High Income Business Writing Podcast – 261 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Stefan Georgi on How He’s Built a Multimillion Dollar Copywriting Empire in Less Than a Decade

First Episode: How to Price Your Writing Projects – A Practical System

02. The Copywriter Club

Rob & Kira started The Copywriter Club Podcast an incredible 239 episodes ago and it’s still going strong. With episodes on a wide variety of copywriting topics and facets, this podcast is a go-to for copywriters wanting to keep up with the latest news and trends in the industry. It features interviews with a number of copywriting experts.

The Copywriter Club Podcast – 239 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Writing for Launches with Kristina Shands

First Episode: Introduction to The Copywriting Club

03. Copy Chief Radio

Kevin Rogers is a stand up comic turned copywriter and now a copy chief. That means he works shoulder-to-shoulder with the most successful marketers and copywriters in the world to produce high-converting sales campaigns that lead their field. Kevin is also a best-selling author of “The 60-Second Sales Hook”. He created Copy Chief to bridge the gap between biz owners eager to improve their sales conversions and copywriters eager to show off their hard won copy chops. The “Copy Chief Radio” podcast features 223 episodes hosted by either Kevin or Tim Woo discussing everything about sales and copy.

Copy Chief Radio Podcast – 223 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: New Breed: Marcella Allison – The Sexist Secret to Succeeding as a Woman in Business

First Episode: Clarity: 3 Things That Must Happen Before You Sell a Thing (Part1)

04. Copywiters

David Garfinkel is widely known as “The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach” and is the author of a number of renowned books on the subject. His podcast, aptly named, “Copywriting Podcast” was started in 2017 and has since accumulated 214 episodes including interviews with some of the industry’s well-respected copywriters, reviews of the work of some legendary names and a whole lot of copywriting tips, guidelines and expert knowledge.

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Copywriters Podcast – 214 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Blazing His Own Copywriting Trail with Eddie Schleyner

First Episode: Curiosity Headlines

05. Blurbs Sell Books

Author Jim Heskett and copywriting expert Abigail Dunard host the “Blurbs Sell Books” podcast for authors wanting to improve their copywriting skills in order to create better book descriptions. The 114 episodes to date deal with a variety of different affiliated topics, featuring numerous experts in their fields.

Blurbs Sell Books Podcast – 114 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Show Business BSB 114

First Episode: Welcome to the Best Page Forward Show!

06. Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks

Jim Edwards is the author of “Copywriting Secrets” and “How To Write & Publish Your Own Ebook… In As Little As 7 Days”. His podcast of 118 episodes, is hosted by himself and Stew Smith, helps entrepreneurs sell more with less effort and stress, covering topics on sales copy, content marketing, advertising, website sales letters, email marketing, headlines, ad writing and more. Their goals are to make it easy for normal people to use words and pictures to make more sales and get results.

Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast – 118 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Business in Social Media – The New Email List?

Earliest Episode: Why Good Copywriting is So Important

07. Good Copy Bad Copy

Radix Communications is a B2B Technology Copywriting agency with 11 in-house copywriters, catering exclusively to B2B tech clients. Its podcast, “Good Copy Bad Copy”, features 95 episodes of content, with various hosts, that cater to copywriters and marketers in their industry.

Good Copy Bad Copy Podcast – 95 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: How to write B2B social media content

First Episode: Welcome to the Radix Copycast – a copywriting podcast for B2B technology marketers

08. The School of Copy and Messaging

Amber Glus is an entrepreneur who has worn many different hats from CEO, CTO, and CMO to copywriter, accounting manager, and social media manager. She describes her superpower as “helping you take the work you love to do, craft your unique message, and put together a plan that reaches your ideal audience.” Amber’s “The School of Copy and Messaging” podcast includes resources on how to create and craft copywriting, messaging, and marketing for an online business, along with tips on sales copy, storytelling, website copy, content marketing and planning, and digital marketing. To date she has 57 episodes included in the podcast.

The School of Copy and Messaging Podcast – 57 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: The Top Five Marketing Essentials For A Successful Sales Funnel

First Episode: Introduction to The School of Copy and Messaging

09. The Copywriting Strategies Podcast

Laura Kebart is a copywriter and entrepreneur who describes her “The Copywriting Strategies Podcast” as “the home base for online entrepreneurs who know there are people out there praying for the solution you deliver, but you can’t figure out how to “word” everything!” With 51 episodes bringing “steps, nuggets, and ready-to-go strategies for writing your emails, social posts, webinars, podcasts, videos, engaging your ideal audience”, she encourages consistent communication through writing.

The Copywriting Strategies Podcast – 51 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: How to Start Small for BIG Impact

First Episode: 20+ Email Topic Ideas

10. Get Copywriting Clients

Jay White is a 20 year veteran of copywriting and a leading authority on copywriter marketing. His AWAI course, “Email Copy Made Easy”, is one of their perennial bestsellers and Jay has coached and mentored dozens of copywriters using the very same marketing techniques you’ll hear in his “Get Copywriting Clients” podcast. He deals with the latest and most effective ways to market yourself as a freelance writer and copywriter.

Get Copywriting Clients Podcast – 45 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: The Game Changer: How to Get Off the “Just One More Course” Merry-Go-Round and Start Getting Paying Copywriting Clients NOW

First Episode: 19,755 Businesses are Looking For Copywriters Right Now–And This is How You Find Them…

11. The Psychology of Copywriting

Geoff Kullman is a brand-awareness and direct-response copywriter for experts, authors, and influencers. He started his first marketing “agency” in the 1990s when he was 15 years old, and hosts “The Psychology of Copywriting” podcast which assists listeners to discover the copywriting concepts and principles hidden inside the latest and best research within the fields of neuroscience, linguistics, and psychology. To date he’s hosted 34 episodes.

The Psychology of Copywriting Podcast – 34 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: How To Properly Price Your Services w/ Paul Klein

First Episode: Why context matters even more than you think

12. The Amplihigher Copywriting & Content Marketing Podcast

Amplihigher’s Liz founded the company with one goal in mind: to be a reliable source of consistently top-quality content for businesses at every stage of development. Within 24 current episodes, “The Amplihigher Copywriting & Content Marketing Podcast” provides information on writing for SEO, how to make content compelling, and how to increase a business’s visibility and authority through copywriting and content marketing.

The Amplihigher Copywriting & Content Marketing Podcast – 24 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Personalizing a Chatbot for Better UX

First Episode: Voice Search is Here to Stay. Here’s How Your Business can Prepare.

13. High-Income Copywriting Advice

Sheila Koester believes that education and information technology work together. She has experience both as a substitute teacher and as a software developer, with her passion for writing assisting her as an online freelance copywriter. Her “High Income Copywriting Advice” podcast, with 15 episodes, included useful tips, strategies and ideas on ways to effectively engage audiences through creative copy and content.

High Income Copywriting Advice Podcast – 15 Episodes

Most Recent Episode: Do you think you know everything about your product?

First Episode: What does AIDA have to do with kids learning how to code?

We hope you’ve found these 13 copywriting podcasts to follow in 2021, and perhaps for years to come, interesting and informative sources of education and knowledge. We, as copywriters, can never know enough in pursuit of that perfect copy!

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