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Even More New Additions to ContentBot

Since the last product update, developers have been busy working to bring you even more new additions at ContentBot. We are striving to listen to you, our valued users, and give you the best value that you can find in AI content generation. Our latest features include:-

Bullet Point Expander

Generate a paragraph of text by adding three bullet points.


A few clicks will generate a great copywriting solution for you.

ContentBot’s Pain-Agitate-Solution

Blog Outline Solutions

Create blog article outlines with sections, subsections and a takeaway.

Sales Email Generator

Generate emails for all of your cold sales requirements.

Uniqueness/Plagiarism Checker

Still in Beta, this tool checks your content for plagiarism and identifies its uniqueness score.


Condense and summarize a paragraph of text.

ContentBot Summarizer

Paraphrase/Copy Rewriter

Currently in Beta, you can rewrite entire articles using this technology.

Further News

In addition, we are hard at work finalizing a “Tone Changer”, and have recently improved our “Marketing Ideas” and “Finish the Sentence” tools. We’ve now also categorized our menu for easier navigation. 

Please visit us and keep providing us with feedback to assist in making ContentBot the complete AI Content Generator user experience.

Warren Potter

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