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AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models

Updated on 08 June 2021

AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models. Developed in 1898 by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, an American businessman, it worked on the premise that generating attention and awareness, maintaining interest, creating desire and taking action would create more door-to-door sales. AIDA fits into 21st Century marketing strategies effectively despite the model’s age.

Attention & Awareness

In modern times this has raising awareness has become the primary worldwide method of social media influencers. Assisted by strategic graphics and videos, using your copy to realise blanket market potential through bold and extensive advertising campaigns.


Raising general awareness and attention with ‘in-your-face’ advertising leads to a certain percentage of those reached garnering an interest in your product. These suspects become your marketing focal point and your wider target audience. The ‘interest’ phase works from two sides – you, as the copywriter, make specifics available as reference points and interested parties seek these out, hence assessing your product and its viability for their lives. The initial attention and awareness drive leads to your wider audience clicking links and visiting your website. Your responsibility is to ensure, by providing details, that this interest turns into a desire to sample your wares.


Of those parties who have had their interest piqued by your product, a certain number remain open to further possibilities. Your ability to turn suspects into prospects depends on your persuasive copy at this point. Utilising other methods of targeted marketing to create desire among your audience adds to this. High profile testimonials, specials and pricing all aid in creating prospects.


Your prospects include a percentage of your audience who become your customers, taking action by turning their desire into physical purchases. Further action of your own will enhance the chances of this happening. Encouraging conversions through exclusive marketing like sales calls, emails and individual discount offers can often change desire into action.


Although the AIDA strategy has been proven over centuries, certain limitations do exist. Due to a lack of the utilization of more modern digital marketing techniques, its effectiveness has waned with copywriters somewhat. AIDA certainly has its merits though. Combined with intensive user research and a little up-to-date tweaking, the strategy can bring about successful outcomes. AIDA: The Grand Daddy of Marketing Models.

AIDA: AI Content Generation

ContentBot has added an AIDA feature to its growing list of copywriting and marketing tools. Simply inputting your product name, a short description and clicking ‘Generate Content’ provides you with a relevant selection of AIDA formula results to choose from and edit as you see fit, with the option to generate more.

ContentBot AIDA Feature Example
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