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How to Use an AI Article Writer, and Why You Should

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the term used for teaching machines to perform human tasks. They are equipped with human-like intelligence and the ability to expand their capabilities as they come across new information. While I know this sounds intimidating, the technology has huge advantages in the content creation process

AI article writing is a great way to use these developments to create high-quality written content for online publishing. The best AI writers can help to generate content that is consistent, accurate, and requires fewer resources than if you wrote it manually. Not only does it save time, but it also ensures quality delivery of content. This means businesses can publish their written work quickly with minimal efforts. Instead of spending hours editing, writing and updating your own work, AI article writing will do it all for you in no time. 

These systems have been designed to make our lives easier, and this article will show you how they do exactly that as we take a look at the different ways you could use an AI writer.

Idea generation

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Many AI writers are now being programmed to generate ideas based on the context that you provide. Incorporating these tools into your content marketing strategy can have huge benefits for many small businesses. It eliminates the struggle of writer’s block, helps to think outside the box and offers new suggestions that you may not have otherwise thought of. Certain platforms offer incredibly fast automation with the click of a button. Struggling to think of subheadings for your latest article, or not much of a Twitter junkie? Whether it’s long-form content or short-form copy, I guarantee that you will be able to find a tool to help with your marketing idea generation.

Use an AI writer to: 

  • Suggest talking points
  • Provide video ideas
  • Show AIDA points
  • Suggest startup ideas 
  • Come up with brand names
  • Generate marketing ideas

Marketing copy

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Marketing copy specifically refers to the short, persuasive content that is written to spark interest and encourage viewers to perform an action, such as buying a product or signing up for a service. It often comes across as a strong sales pitch, containing a clear call-to-action, if not multiple. 

We all know how difficult it can be to consistently generate quality content on demand, but we also know that constant creation leads to better exposure. The more keywords you can rank for, the higher the traffic, which is the lifeline of every company that conducts business online. Luckily, AI writers can help alleviate this by assisting with marketing copy. If you’re struggling to generate ideas, or simply need help bringing your ideas to life, AI has the ability to do it all. With their advanced learning programs, they are well equipped to breach whatever gap you are facing. You can use an AI writer for anything from personalizing campaigns to creating landing pages and product descriptions. 

Use an AI writer to:

  • Offer engaging questions
  • Provide SEO Meta descriptions
  • Create Google and Facebook Ads
  • Offer Tweet generation
  • Create sales emails
  • Suggest slogans
  • Generate photo captions

Write content 

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When it comes to AI writers, you’ll often have the option to select between long-form and short-form content. Long-form content is mainly focused on blog posts, articles and press releases. This form of writing is typically between 700 and 2000 words in length, and provides educational information for the readers without asking for anything in return. Using AI writers for these projects has been linked to enhanced efficiency, improved quality control and an increase in the quantity of content produced. 

People have been skeptical as to whether or not AI content ranks on Google, and are often surprised to find out that it does. If you make sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the facts generated are accurate, and enhance the content with a bit of human input, AI-generated content will help you climb positions on the SERP quicker. 

Use an AI writer to:

  • Pinpoint Pain-Agitate-Solution
  • Summarize text
  • Change the tone of voice
  • Explain to a child
  • Finish the sentence 
  • Create listicles
  • Explain like a professor

Full blog posts

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For this, we’re going to look at ContentBot and their offerings specifically. They offer an impressive feature: the ability to provide full blog posts of 2000 words, with minimal input from you. All it needs is a topic, a handful of keywords, and a couple of seconds to generate the content. You will then be able to export your blog as a document to be able to easily upload it to whichever platform you choose. There’s also the option to receive a full SEO report should you be interested in checking the quality of the content produced, including the readability score and plagiarism check. 

This can be a huge advantage for small businesses that need to generate high quality content on a regular basis, especially if time is not on their side. If you would prefer to guide the AI in a certain direction, start off with your introduction, click “write for me” and see what happens. If you’re not satisfied, delete the content and try again. The writer will generate unique content each time.

Use an AI writer to:

  • Generate blog intros 
  • Write blog conclusions 
  • Suggest bullet point expansions
  • Come up with blog topic ideas
  • Generate blog outlines

Paraphrasing and plagiarism checking

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Some AI writers offer a paraphrasing tool and plagiarism checker. This technology has been developed to take any form of content that has already been written and generate new, unique content from it.  

These features are incredibly helpful when speaking about a popular topic that has already been covered multiple times before. It’s even useful when trying to repurpose your own content across different platforms, or that may have been written quite some time ago. When creating any type of content for online use, it’s crucial to be unique. This will help you stand out from the competition, and will protect you from potential plagiarism. If you struggle with finding new ways to talk about old topics, these tools may be the answer.

Use an AI writer to:

  • Rewrite a paragraph
  • Rewrite an entire article
  • Rephrase a sentence 
  • Check for plagiarism 
  • Generate plagiarism reports

The benefits of using an AI content writer

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This technology can be the solution to your problems if you are willing to embrace it. By automating the writing process, you’ll have a number of advantages:

  • AI writers free up valuable time and resources that could be used elsewhere. 
  • You are using a cost-effective way to increase your content output production.
  • AI can revolutionize the way you create content for your website. 
  • Writer’s block will be a thing of the past, with new ideas being generated in a matter of seconds.
  • By utilizing natural language processing algorithms, AI writers are able to generate content that is more accurate and better targeted for SEO purposes than if it was done manually. This means your website will have a higher chance of getting seen on search engine results pages and you’ll be able to get more traffic. 
  • It can also be used to identify areas for improvement in a website’s content. 

This makes AI writers the perfect tool for website owners and content creators who are looking to efficiently and effectively optimize their pages and content output quality and quantity, thus taking their online presence to the next level. 

Take Away..

While we highly recommend incorporating an AI writer into your content generation process, it’s important to note that the quality of the output will need to be assessed. Facts provided should always be checked, and make sure to scan for repetition along the way. These can be great tools to take your content production up a notch and help you rank on the SERPs. Remember, you’ll still have to do your keyword research to make sure that you lead the AI in a direction that is relevant to the current trends in the market. 

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