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GPT-3 Content: A Complete Guide (2022)

Six months into 2020, a buzz emerged across the globe as OpenAI unveiled the latest version of its Generative Pre-trained Transformer, GPT-3, a language model with the ability to produce human-like text on a massive scale.  By March 2021, the platform was producing an average of 4.5 billion words daily through OpenAI’s API which offered … Read more GPT-3 Content: A Complete Guide (2022)

10 Shocking AI Predictions for the Future

AI is slowly becoming part of our every day lives and one cannot help but think of what the future may look like. A future that could be shaped and transformed by the power of computers. Artificial intelligence, although not yet sentient, is becoming more and more powerful and useful as the years progress. We … Read more 10 Shocking AI Predictions for the Future

ContentBot: An AI Content Generator That Inspires Greater Productivity

The AI content generator ContentBot inspires greater workplace productivity

ContentBot, the latest release by CODECABIN_ , is a user-friendly WordPress AI Content plugin and web app designed to assist those who might be battling with ideas for headlines, product names, start-up and marketing ideas, twitter posts and blog introductions and topics, among others.