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Does AI Content Rank? You’ll be surprised 🤔

Since the launch of OpenAI’s GPT-3 model, AI content tools are popping up all over. One of the biggest questions currently being asked is whether or not AI content can rank well in Google. As the trend continues and more founders and content marketers discover these new powerful AI tools, one needs to identify if … Read more Does AI Content Rank? You’ll be surprised 🤔

The Life of a Full Time Copywriter

The life of a full time copywriter is anything but boring. You can be misunderstood at times because you strive for excellence in all that you do and this can sometimes be misinterpreted. You are probably a perfectionist. So what does your life actually entail… ? Always on the Go “As copywriting becomes more and … Read more The Life of a Full Time Copywriter

The Top 10 Copywriting Tips for 2021

Copywriting is the art of strategically using words to convince prospects to buy a product or make use of a service. In other words, it is a very important part of the marketing process in business and, especially in this digital age, encompasses many other facets of marketing too. Here are the Top 10 copywriting tips that I’ve learned to help you to grow your business through the coming year and beyond:-