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How using Multilingual Marketing can Benefit Your Business

Of the over 3 billion internet users worldwide, only around a quarter are native English speakers. That equates to a total of approximately 225 million people who could, potentially, not read your blog or view your adverts based on language alone. Clearly this figure is largely inflated as many of those do speak, read and understand English, but it is none-the-less food for thought.

A Brief History of the “Bot”: From IRC to ContentBot

When Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was developed and first initiated by Jarkko Oikarinen to take the place of the MultiUser Talk (MUT) program utilised by Finland’s University of Oulu in the late 1980’s, nobody realised the extent in which it would grow.

ContentBot: An AI Content Generator That Inspires Greater Productivity

The AI content generator ContentBot inspires greater workplace productivity

ContentBot, the latest release by CODECABIN_ , is a user-friendly WordPress AI Content plugin and web app designed to assist those who might be battling with ideas for headlines, product names, start-up and marketing ideas, twitter posts and blog introductions and topics, among others.